Last weekend I participated in an annual Hackathon hosted by the Nomura and the Hackathon Society ‘Hack:startup’. It was My first Hackathon and was truly a great experience.

During these intense and exciting 12 hours my teammates and I worked on building an intraday flow app that will highlight the volume in DV01 terms per bond category and how they are being traded. It could show historic trade’s and differentiate the volumes traded by Hedgefunds* vs Real Money*.

The monitoring of the EuropeanGovernmentBonds trade volumes and market trends by Sales, would enable them to advise their clients of any potential investment opportunities and thereby creating more revenues for their clients.

For me this was a terrific opportunity to learn so much about technologies such as Flask, Python, React, JavaScript and the AWS Cloud Services. I want to say a massive thank you to Nomura and also to our sponsors AWS, Pluralsight and Gitlab for hosting such a great event!

To my teammates, I’m proud of what we were able to learn and build together in such a short amount of time and we came 2nd place!

Also did i mention there was Pizza…lots and lots of pizza!

Computer science graduate 2021. 1 year technology placement in investment banking. Full stack:ReactJS, JavaScript, NodeJS,Flask,SQL, AWS Crypto enthusiast