• Carmen G

    Carmen G

  • Pamela Ullmann

    Pamela Ullmann

    I am an empathic, creative and mindful spirit existing in a human form. Trying to navigate the challenges of this world without losing perspective or my sanity.

  • Maxime Godfroid

    Maxime Godfroid

    Data scientist | Avid runner by day | Podcaster by night | Also a tech & sports enthusiast | Follow me on Twitter @max_godfroid

  • Scott Guttenberger

    Scott Guttenberger

    Scott is a silicon valley marketing executive focused on SaaS startups, esports, investment banking technology, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and fintech.

  • Vianna Asamoah

    Vianna Asamoah

  • Tassos Yalanopoulos

    Tassos Yalanopoulos

    Software Engineering & Infrastructure Manager

  • Olivia Anderson

    Olivia Anderson

    Olivia is a life coach who specializes in relationships and Psychology. I love writing practical articles that help others live mindful and better life.

  • Ini Ajayi

    Ini Ajayi

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