The new way to write components

Once upon a time, before Hooks, if you had a function that you needed to add a state to, you had to convert the function to a class(to use State and setState()) and this needed to be defined in the constructor.

Hooks let you use state and other React features…

WebView can be used to deliver a web application as part of a client application. The WebView class is an extension of Android's View class that allows you to display web pages as a part of your activity layout. It does not include any features of a fully developed web…

Part1 _ AWS

First things first, sign up to AWS.

Before creating the Database, we need to ensure that we’re creating it under the most appropriate region, in our case, the closest one to home is the eu-west-2, which corresponds to London.

Accessing your State attributes in React can be confusing at times. I recently found myself in a bit of a pickle and discovered React Developer Tools extension. This allows you to see the state or props of components in real-time!

React Developer Tools

Install the React Developer Tools extension for Chrome or FireFox

My favourite React UI library is The components are of high quality and flexibility. However I’ve noticed that if you are not familiar with this library, trying to use some of their components can take a while to figure out.

Especially the Icons.

So this is how you can…

2 weeks after my first Hackathon, i was geared up to do another one with Facebook.

We had 2 days, which consisted of 12 hours on the first day and 6 hours on the last day. The goal of this Hackathon was :

  • To build intelligent chatbots on the Messenger…

Last weekend I participated in an annual Hackathon hosted by the Nomura and the Hackathon Society ‘Hack:startup’. It was My first Hackathon and was truly a great experience.

During these intense and exciting 12 hours my teammates and I worked on building an intraday flow app that will highlight the…


Computer science graduate 2021. 1 year technology placement in investment banking. Full stack:ReactJS, JavaScript, NodeJS,Flask,SQL, AWS Crypto enthusiast

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